Endlers Livebearer Tropical Fish

Endler Live Bearer
Other Common Names Endler Livebearer, Scientific Name Poecilia wingei, Color The males are a fluorescent color, while the females are a silver color, Water Temperature 72-80F/24-29°C pH 7 - 7.5, Care Easy, Adult Size 1.5inches/4cm, Minimum Tank Size 10 gallon, Diet /Food Flake food, frozen food and live food, Origin Laguna de Los Patos Venezuela.

Endler's were collected by Professor John Endler in North East Venezuela in 1975. They are popularly called "Endler's Livebearer, Endler's Guppy, or Endler's Poecilia."
This lively little fish greatly resembles the wild Guppy (Poecilia Reticulata) in appearance and size and they will interbreed with Guppies. While not as well known or established as the Guppy, Endler's Livebearer is an hardy, active, and delightful addition to any community aquarium. They are very easy to keep, breed, and raise and they have the potential of becoming a very popular aquarium species in the future.

Breeding is much like with guppies except that endlers tend to not eat their fry. Endler's livebearers are a freshwater fish and thrive in warmer temperatures.