How to Care For Tropical Fish

By: Michael Bridges

How to Care For Tropical Fish

There is nothing more calming and relaxing than watching freshwater tropical fish swimming around. It can be a very soothing end to your workday. However, freshwater tropical fish are very delicate and the water they swim around in need some special care if you want happy healthy fish and keep your relaxing moments.

Because tap water has chemicals like chlorine and chloramines that can kill your freshwater tropical fish, it is important that you treat and keep a consistent water environment for your fish. Fluctuations in pH or temperature can do serious harm to your fish.

You should monitor pH levels weekly and adjusted them to suit the type of fish you have. You must maintain a stable pH level in your tank because drastic changes in pH can be harmful to your fish. There are many kits out there that test the pH levels and that bring the pH up or down as needed.

Chlorine and Chloramine should be neutralized with a treatment product that removes chlorine and chloramines form your tank's water. Water with chlorine and chloramine in it should be treated with a product that will neutralize both chemicals.

When moving freshwater tropical fish, they are weakened, their stress increases and their protective slime coating may be diminished. A Stress Coat Fish Protection Formula should be used together with chlorine / chloramine removers to help reduce stress and provide the protective slime coat back on the fish.

Did you know that your freshwater tropical fish can benefit from small amounts of salt in their water? That's right lack of sodium in the aquarium's water will break down the slime coat of fish. A tablespoon per five gallons provides enough salt for most fish, but only use salt that is recommended for aquariums, never use regular table salt.

Other things you can do in the care of you freshwater tropical fish water are; treatment to keep ammonia levels from becoming toxic, keep the water temperature stable. Changing water temperature will cause stress on your fish. If you have hard water, use a water-softening product to soften your water. Hard water causes a white crust to on parts of the aquarium and makes it hard to adjust the pH.