Basic Aquarium Maintenance

Basic Aquarium Maintenance

Regular maintenance of an aquarium is absolutely essential because otherwise any problems, generally due to serious changes of condition, will become too difficult to resolve. Even in the most modern, efficient aquarium, there are still jobs that have to be done regularly by you. The following are the most important tasks.Basic Aquarium Maintenance :

For food, do not assume that tossing a few scraps now and then into the tank is enough. Supply a Little at a time and try to make sure that all the fish, not only the biggest and strongest, get enough. count your fish regularly to make sure that none of them are dead.dead fish should be removed as quickly as possible so that the water does not become contaminated. Get rid of dead leaves and keep a watch on the condition of the plants.

Check the plants and the efficiency of the air and water feed pipes, and clean them if they seem dirty or clogged.Check ( every two weeks will do if you think everything is in order ) necessary to restore those values that appear abnormal. If need be, clean away the algae on the walls, using a scraper.

Renew the water level to compensate for evaporation, ensuring that the characteristics of the added water are compatible with those of the aquarium. Remember that for marine aquarium there is no need to top off with salt water but only with fresh. The salt, in fact, do not evaporate, only the water. Pay attention to the quality of water used for the change and add it slowly. Get rid of dirt that has accumulated in the first compartment of the filter and give a rough clean to the mechanical filter. DO NOT touch its biological part. Water to wipe off the the salt deposits that may have formed on lamps.

Check all the plants, pruning those that have grown too much and replacing dead ones if necessary. Clean the pumps and carry out any maintenance as recommended by the manufactures. Replace the mechanical filter materials and, if need be, some of the biological filter as well. In Case of the biological filter, only replace those materials that have really become too dirty, and merely clean the other with a jet of water, but not so as reduce too much of existing population of helpful bacteria.Check all thermostats and electrical circuits.

By: Eric Foxx