Betta Friends - Could be Joined Together

Platy, Platies
The Platy fish comes in many different color varieties including the salt and pepper platies, the red wag tail and the tuxedo platy. There is even a variety called the Mickey Mouse. They can be a very active tropical fish if given good water conditions.
The female Platy is usually larger than the males of the same age. Females can reach a size of up to 2.5 inches whereas the males usually get to be about 1.5 inches. Breeding them is fairly easy since they are livebearers. Platies will accept most fish foods including flakes, frozen, live and freeze dried foods. Try to vary their diet for optimum health and coloration.

Neon Tetra
The Neon Tetra is an extremely popular aquarium fish. It is sturdy and inexpensive and is often one of the first fish species purchased by beginner aquarists. A shoal of brightly decorated Neon Tetras will add colour as well as activity to the aquarium. Since the Neon Tetras stay quite small and have a peaceful temperament, they are often found in small community aquariums.

The Swordtail is similar in shape to both the Platy and the Guppy though it has a bulkier body and a "sword" extending from the bottom of the male's tail fin. Even though there is no apparent purpose for this tail, it is 1/4 to 1/3 the total length of the fish.
The wild species have an even more majestic tail, with swords up to 6 inches (15 cm). Though the swordtail is shorter in tank bred specimens it is complimented by the wonderful colors that are now available.

Zebra Danio
The zebra danio (also commonly known as a zebrafish) is an extremely popular, hardy, fun tropical fish. This beautiful, instantly-recognizable fish with its trademark blue strips is an aquarium classic. This gorgeous, easy to keep fish is frequently found in the aquariums of both beginners and experts alike.

Cardinal Tetra
Similar to the more common neon tetra the cardinal has more stunning stripes. More demanding in their water requirements and usually twice as expensive the Cardinal is not a beginners fish. Once established they are relatively hardy and can make a stunning display.

Cory Cats
The Corydoras Catfish, or Cory Cat, is an excellent addition to most community tanks because of their peaceful nature. Bottom dwellers, they are content to constantly rummage around the bottom of the tank looking for scraps.

White Cloud Mountain Minnow
The White Cloud Mountain Minnow is omnivorous and will accept a variety of live, dried and flake foods. This species grows to an average size of 4 cm (roughly 1.5 in), and is silver-green in color with a vivid red caudal fin.

Cherry Barbs
Cherry barbs are a relatively peaceful fish. The younger males can be aggressive when spawning with females. They can also become aggressive if there are not enough of them in a tank. They are best kept in groups of five or more, with a ratio of two females to every one male. They live an average of 4 years, although they can live 5 to 7 years in aquariums.